Can We Fix E-mail?

Lately, I’ve seen a few great bloggers writing about e-mail and how it can be fixed.

To me, e-mail in a business is a communication process (or channel), and there is no precise technique that can be implemented to make it 100% efficient. In fact, processes should be unique because teams and organisations are unique. If a process worked well in another team, there is no way to tell if the process will also work fine without any tuning in another context. These processes and channels are so glued to the business that they are an inherent part of the culture and the business itself. And yes, bad e-mails can be bad for business.

Can people learn how to write good e-mails? Yes! I believe people can learn to write good e-mails (and communicate globally in a better way) as anyone can learn to play tennis and become a better player. Being a good communicator is a skill that can be learned and practiced, right?

To get you started, beth Kollo of the University of Washington put up a proposal for fixing and recreating e-mail that Scott Berkun comments in How To Fix Email: A Radical Proposal.

Want to get better (or help someone get better)? Here are 6 tips that can help you in How to write good e-mails. Seth Godin posted on his blog a nice checklist that is a good place to begin.

Good writing!